just a little bit interested about japanese movies

wow how many times… i really don’t have time for update my blog, isn’t this sad???
Well, then after one thousand years, i’m back, to share my thoughts on a movie I saw recently… ichi

this film really enchanted me, despite doses of realistic violence ( O.o yes, I think is unnecessary show fingers being cut and wounds gush blood. o.O), because it’s plot is engaging and interesting … When I went I thought it would be scenes of fighting and little story, so I was so glad when I saw that it was the opposite.
But I need to say: Do why only have ugly males characters in the movie? We will combine the production of the film feature the boys in order to keep them well really not nice, right?! Well, this is what I think… Anyway, I loved the movie, the main character, with it’s conflicts existential and all, captivated me and I recommend to all … is a movie worth watching … at least that is how I think …


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  1. Oushka disse:

    I wanna see this now!!! good choice 😀

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